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Recent Testimonials from our patients

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Panic Attacks, melancholy, difficulty with transitions.

"My 11 y.o. son did BrainCore this summer after having severe panic attacks last year that at times were paralyzing. Since BrainCore, he is doing much better. His anxiety revolved a lot around facing new situations, new places, and new people. Last summer, he couldn't even stay in camp due to his anxiety.

This summer, he attended 2 different camps, in different locations, each for 2 weeks, where each of the weeks had different kids. So, in essence he had to adjust to different settings 4 different times. Not only did he accomplish this, but he did so without his "not being good enough" and "always losing" attitude. In fact, he played so well in his last week of camp that he was given the MVP for the week.

While he still has worries at times about new beginnings, he is able to handle the worry, and not let it become an all consuming anxiety. I write this with extreme gratitude - thank you!"

Anxiety, self harm, and academic challenges.

“My 15 y.o. daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago with ADHD and a language-based learning disability that affected her both academically and socially. She also has anxiety and difficulty handling frustration since she was a little girl. Her anxiety got to the point where last year she started punching herself and scraping the skin off her arms with the metal part of a pencil during bouts of anger and frustration. It was at this point that we sought out BrainCore Therapy and the office of Dr. Tom Woodman.

Since doing BrainCore Therapy, we have seen many areas of her life improve. First, she tolerates frustration much better now, and has stopped all self-harming behavior. Socially, she is much more confident, which allowed her to develop new and more positive friendships over the summer. She is much more confident academically as well, and elected to take an AP English class, something that she has always shied away from in the past.

We appreciate your true caring. You were always available to answer questions, listen to concerns and tweak the program to accommodate for the challenges along the way. Although it was not easy for us to make the long drive to your office twice a week (75 minutes each direction), it was totally worth it. We are filled with gratitude to you, your office, and the therapy that you provide. Thank you.”

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