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Monday 1:00pm-6:30pm

Tuesday 9:00am -1:00pm

Wednesday 1pm-6:30pm

Thursday 3:00pm-6:30pm*

Friday 9:00am-1:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-12:30pm*

*Neurofeedback Therapy Only

Brain and Body Wellness is the office of Dr. Tom Woodman and Dr. Laura Pardue, and it is a holistic health center located in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Initially a chiropractic office that would help people live their lives to their highest physical potential, we have evolved professionally to help people to optimize the other aspects of health that can lead to a more satisfying life.  These additional therapies include various mind-body interventions (NET, EFT, TBM), qEEG-guided neurofeedback therapy (2010), and most recently,  Amen Clinic supplementation protocols (2022).  

Neurofeedback Therapy - Drs. Woodman and Pardue are both Board Certified in Neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).  Neurofeedback Therapy, also known as EEG-Biofeedback, is a science-based intervention that can help teach the brain to produce more desired patterns of brainwave activity.  This has clinical applications that can help improve a variety of symptoms, including inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, anxieties, depression, insomnia, and others.  It has also been shown to help improve a number of different learning/processing disorders, as well as mitigate memory issues associated with mild cognitive impairment and age-related cognitive decline.  Neurofeedback Therapy is in many way similar to physical therapy, but only for your brain.  Physical therapy can help a number of different and very diverse conditions, and while they are all considered physical therapy, the specific exercises differ based on what condition the patient presents with; Neurofeedback Therapy is similar in that it can often help manage a variety of different and very diverse symptoms, but the specific training and regions of the brain differ based on what those presenting complaints are.  To learn more, please see the neurofeedback section on our website, as well as the list of research and publications provided here

Dr. Woodman is a recognized expert within the field of neurofeedback.  He teaches of number of continuing education seminars that focus on functional brain development, neuroplasticity and neurofeedback, has served as a mentor for other healthcare practitioners seeking Board Certification, has served as a panel expert on neurofeedback with various national healthcare organizations, and is a Fellow of the BCIA.  His current CV can be found here

Amen Clinic Brain Health Certification - Drs. Woodman and Pardue are Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coaches, having completed the Brain Health Coaching Certification Course in the early part of 2022.  This 50-hour Continuing Education program is led by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, and it teaches healthcare professionals how to cultivate brain health in the lives of those they serve.  Dr. Amen's approach to restoring and optimizing brain health and function has been based on decades of research, and his clinics hold the world's largest database of brain SPECT studies (135,000 scans and growing).  This has led to the development of the Amen Clinics Method that seeks to help patients by first identifying which brain type they possess, and then provides specific supplementation, exercises and interventions that can help that person overcome the challenges that are associated with their brain type.  Drs. Woodman and Pardue are excited to be now able to incorporate the Amen Clinic Methods into their practices to help their clients achieve better outcomes, faster.


120 East Avenue Suite 1WA

Norwalk, Connecticut 06851

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