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Brain and Body Wellness is the evolution of Specific Chiropractic Health Center.  We are a holistic health center that has been located in Lower Fairfield County since 1995. 


Our Mission is to help someone reach his or her highest potential, both mentally and physically, and offer a variety of services that help optimize each of these areas. 

We have been offering qEEG-Based Neurofeedback Therapy Since 2010. Neurofeedback Therapy is also known as EEG-Biofeedback, and it is essentially a sophisticated way to exercise the brain.  Your brain produces electrical activity as a by-product of normal function, and this electrical activity can be divided into different divisions based on their speed.  These groupings are referred to as brainwaves, and different brainwaves are responsible for different actions within the brain.  Some brainwaves are more relaxing while others might you more focused; some brainwaves cause angst and worry while others might help you sleep better.  For our purposes, we are more interested in the patterns of brainwaves that a person produces, as this information can be correlated to his or her clinical condition. 


There are a number of published scientific research that demonstrate the safety and efficacy that neurofeedback can have in managing the symptoms of many neurological conditions such as ADHD, Migraines, Tension Headache, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Post Stroke Syndrome, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and more.  Please click on the tab labeled, "The Brain" for more information.

About Brain & Body Wellness

Brain Wellness - Both Dr. Tom and Dr. Laura are Board Certified in Neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, the largest regulatory agency for Neurofeedback.  We have worked with people from 4 to 92, and have seen dramatic changes with neurofeedback within all demographics.  Neurofeedback can help someone overcome specific challenges, or to maximize his or her performance in school, athletics, or business.  We have successfully worked with elite athletes and corporate executives, and have helped them realize their personal and professional goals. 


Body Wellness - Our approach to helping people regain or maintain their health is simple - we develop a comprehensive plan that includes addressing the flexibility of the spine and muscular system, significant thought patterns, diet and lifestyle and how this all relates to a persons health.  While a specific injury or accident can sometimes account for this imbalance, more times than not, the repeated positions, habits or thoughts that people default to throughout the day and night are causing more problems than people realize. How we think, what we eat or how we position ourselves at home or work can significantly contribute to the chronic conditions people have.  We work hard to inspire people to appreciate the amazing natural healing powers of the body and mind.  Our end goal is to empower people with the philosophy that their health and potential predominantly lies within.


120 East Avenue Suite 1WA

Norwalk, Connecticut 06851

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