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Using neurofeedback to enhance focus and concentration.

The ability to maintain focus and concentration is critical to many aspects of life, and difficulty in this area will affect someone academically and professionally, but also will negative affect everyday tasks, athletic performance and the ability to socially connect with others.  As this relates to neurofeedback, there are specific networks in the brain that are involved with the ability to maintain focus and concentration, and there are standard protocols that have been extensively utilized to help improve focus and concentration.  These standard approaches were reviewed in a recent systematic review study, that found the following conclusions:

  • Significant improvements in focus and concentration observed by parents and teachers of children with diagnosed focus/concentration conditions.

  • 32-47% reduction in symptoms based on standardized assessment surveys.

  • No side effects observed in any of the review studies.

Our experience over the last 14 years with using neurofeedback to improve focus and concentration is that has been transformative for the overwhelming majority of people we have worked with.  When we don't see the changes that we would like to see, we will discuss what be causing that.  Sometimes it is nutritional; other times it is correlated to consciously staying up later than desired.  Sometimes there is a need for cognitive behavioral therapy.  Whatever might be causing this, we will help you navigate the different options that you might consider.  


Do you want to live life to the fullest?  Enhance your focus and concentration through neurofeedback therapy.  Click here to get started as a patient, or call (203)316-8212.  

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