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Dr. Tom Speaking In Boston!


Don't miss a great new seminar in Boston, MA on March 11th and 12th presented by DC Seminars. This year's topic is: Why America Is So Sick Today: Understanding Brain Development, Neuroplasticity, and the Chiropractor's Role. Come see why Chiropractors all over the country have been raving about this captivating seminar! 12 Continuing Education Hours for only $179!

March 11, 2017 11am-6pm and March 12, 2017 8am-1pm Westin Waltham Boston Hotel

Instruction by Drs. Tom Woodman, and Charles Annunziata Topics include pertinent anatomy of the brain and how it relates to neuroplasticity; understanding qEEG evaluations of brainwave patterns; environmental factors effect on the brain such as video games, nutrition, drugs, toxins and stress; the physiology of sleep and the effect of insomnia on the neuroplasticity in the brain; the effect of the chiropractic adjustment on brain wave patterns; common brainwave patterns associated with anxiety, ADD, Insomnia, Concussions, Migraines and more; and various ancillary treatment protocols you can use in your practice to help these conditions

This is our best seminar yet, proving the bridge between subluxation and neurological dysregulation and how our treatment can regulate the nervous system all for only $179 per doctor!

Go to or call 800-897-2476 to register.

*This seminal is for Heath care professionals. We will be offering local seminars for the general public. Please like us on Facebook for Updates!

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