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  • Dr. Tom Woodman

Burnout and Brainwave Patterns, and How Neurofeedback may be able to Help

Burnout is a progressive and augmenting expression of psychological stress on the body, which can subsequently lead to physiological and physical symptoms as well. A classic progression is that sleep is affected long enough to create anxiousness, which then makes the person more melancholic, which can then lead to an inability for the person to focus and concentrate. As this process continues, the person may become more apathetic. Each worsening symptom contributes to the other symptoms becoming more intense, and in a short time, the person may become so overwhelmed that they start to avoid things, and in many ways life itself.

Recently, burnout has become much more common in society, and that is reflected most objectively by the number of citations on PubMed (an index of scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles). From 1967-2016, there were 11,000 articles pertaining to burnout; since 2017, there have been over 14,000. The good news is that several of these articles discuss the benefit that Neurofeedback Therapy can have on breaking these progressive cycles and get the person back to “pre-burnout” status without medication! Neurofeedback qEEG evaluations identify dominant brainwave patterns that a person’s brain produces. Examples of the different patterns associated with burnout are provided below. These are generalities, with each person being unique. qEEG-Guided neurofeedback can help break these negative patterns, and train the brain to produce more appropriate patterns of brainwave activity.

If you are struggling with burnout, please call our office! We can help you understand your dominant brainwave activity, and discuss how neurofeedback may be able to help you!


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