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  • Dr. Tom Woodman

Changes in Drawing Potential within 4 months of Neurofeedback!

Changes in Drawing Potential of a 10 year old boy after 20 and 40 neurofeedback sessions.

This illustrates the effect that neurofeedback can have on drawing potential of a developmentally delayed 10 year old boy. This is a family drawing, and he is the second from the right. His younger (and smaller) sister is on the far right. There is so much that this picture says from a psychological perspective, and I will leave that analysis to psychologists as they are better trained for that. But what can be immediately gathered from this picture is the increased detail that this boy now is able to demonstrate, and how much more efficient his brain is now working as a result of neurofeedback training. This example can hold true for other aspects of schooling as well. Many children that have done neurofeedback also receive on-going tutoring, and it is not uncommon for the amount of tutoring required 6 months post-neurofeedback to be significantly less following neurofeedback than would otherwise be expected based on that child's prior tutoring history. Is neurofeedback right for you or your child? Call today and learn more!

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