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  • Dr. Tom Woodman

Here is a recent testimonial from a patient that did a "BrainCore Booster Program" this pa

"I just want to update you after doing BrainCore Program during this past winter. I went back to school and at first couldn’t tell a difference. Then, as I began to get into my normal routine, I realized I was reacting differently to things that would usually trigger anxiety. I was able to concentrate significantly more in class and my short term memory increased. In my life, I was never able to get more than a 3.1 GPA, even with accommodations that included extra time, a different room setting, and a notecard to help trigger my memory. But this past semester after BrainCore I decided not to use my accommodations and achieved a 3.5 GPA and made the deans list! And I made this GPA while taking one of the most difficult classes for me, math. I was able to memorize and understand the problems with ease, unlike ever before!" Learn more about Neurofeedback at our information session Tuesday 5/16 and Wed 5/17 - more information is below!

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