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We will discussing brainwave training at the National Personal Training Institute on New England sta

We are excited to be working in conjunction with the National Personal Training Institute of New England. Starting this June 8 and running through July 6, we will be presenting on a variety of health related topics at their facility located in Achieve Fitness, 27 Lois Street in Norwalk on each Thursday Evening at 6:30!

Neurofeedback Therapy is an effective treatment alternative for a variety of different conditions. Attend any of these presentations and discover why Dr. Frank Duffy of Harvard Medical Center says that if neurofeedback were a medication, "it would be universally accepted and widely used".

Schedule of Events

June 8 - Anxiety and brainwave patterns: how to stop overthinking.

June 15 - ADHD and brainwave patterns: How to improve focus and concentration.

June 22 - Poor sleep and brainwave patterns: How to sleep and fall back to sleep.

June 29 - Post-Lyme and Post-Concussion from a Brainwave Perspective, and How qEEG-Guided Neurofeedback can Help Manage Symptoms.

July 6 - Peak performance and brainwave patterns: why Anthony Robbins endorses Alpha-Theta Brainwave Training.

Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Where: Achieve Fitness - 27 Lois Street Norwalk

Upstairs at the National Personal Training Institute

Learn more about NPTI of NE here

Learn more about Achieve Fitness here

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