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Recent Testimonial With At-Home Training!

We are here to help! These trying times can create tremendous angst and worry, and cause someone to lose sleep. We are offering significant saving on at-home rentals through the month of April! Call for more information and to see if you would qualify!

My husband recently did a month and a half of at home neurofeedback as treatment for his OCD and anxiety. The Installation and usage of the system could not have been easier or more convenient. Dr. Tom came to install the home system and we were up and running within 30 minutes. We now had access to train every day, multiple times a day if needed, right from the comfort of our own home. 

Prior to starting the neurofeedback he was having extreme anxiety daily, struggling at work with focus, as well ruminating negative thoughts. He would come home and be almost nonfunctional at a family level.  It takes some time to see the results, but after a couple of weeks, I started to notice little changes. The first thing that improved was his sleeping.  He was very anxious and literally losing sleep – within 2 weeks he was sleeping soundly again.  Moving forward, after the first few weeks I noticed he was more motivated to do household projects without anyone prompting him.  What wife doesn’t love that!?  He cleaned and organized the entire garage one evening and the next day spent hours in the yard doing spring cleaning and planting new trees.  In general I have noticed more initiative in daily tasks which is SO helpful, especially in this crazy time where we are all working from home and parenting a toddler, a puppy and a cat.  He ended up doing about 40 sessions over 6 weeks that we had the system in our house.

Once I started to see subtle changes in my husband, I decided to start neurofeedback for myself to help with my sleeping and anxiety (in hindsight, I wish I had started sooner).  As a new mom, I found myself having a hard time sleeping – even after my son started sleeping through the night!  So while my 6 week old was sleeping soundly, I was tossing and turning all night.  I then found myself having a hard time focusing the next day, which was difficult to manage once I went back to work.

I ended up doing 25 sessions, and like my husband, I first noticed changes in my sleeping pattern.  I remember the first time I woke up after sleeping the entire night-I was absolutely shocked!  I hadn’t done that in over 2 years.  I have also noticed that when put into stressful situations where I normally would have had impulsive reactions, I was more calm and level headed in creating solutions. 

This is one of the best investments I have made in myself and I highly recommend this process to anyone. 

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