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  • Dr. Tom Woodman

Consider At-Home Neurofeedback Training During These Stressful Times!

This current pandemic has many people staying home. With working from home, no school, no sports or other extracurricular activity, this is a perfect time to consider at-home neurofeedback training. This can help with a number of situations that most individuals and families are dealing with right now. Insomnia? Anxiety?, Hyperactivity? Inattention? Poor emotional regulation? All of these conditions can be directly related to inefficient brainwave patterns, and unfortunately, times of added stress can further magnify many of these issues.

Fortunately, brainwave training can help improve these inefficient brainwave patterns. In our 10 years of offering neurofeedback therapy, we have encountered many people that interested in doing it, but a limiting factor for many of them is finding the time that is required to do it. Best results come when someone is able to train at least 3 times per week, and with the many of our traditional lives being suspended for the unforeseeable future, this has now become a unique opportunity to do neurofeedback. And we now have rental neurofeedback systems that can be set up in your own house, allowing you to train in the comfort, convenience and protection of your own home.

We have been offering this service on a smaller scale for the last year, and have now significantly expanded this capability to be able to serve more families. Please call us at (203)316.-8212 to learn more. You can also visit our web-page here.

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